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High-quality and individually designed advertising materials and promotional gifts!

We make your search easier by only offering you carefully selected promotional items. Instead of fighting your way through thousands of promotional items, you will only find a selection of the best promotional items in our opinion. We have been working with the selected factories for many years and can therefore guarantee consistent quality. With our offices in Cologne, Shenzhen and Bangkok, we always have our finger on the pulse. Every Friday we present a new product on this page. Can't find the product you're looking for? Our teams will search and help you find the right product. We also realize custom-made products and express productions. You can also obtain our products from your local promotional products dealer.

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  • MagWire 3in1 transparent "exclusive"

    The high-quality 3in1 wireless charger impresses with its elegant, semi-transparent design.

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  • MagWire 3in1 transparent "fold"

    Thanks to the folding mechanism, the 3-in-1 charging station is also ideal for traveling.

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  • MagPower 3in1 transparent "5,000mAh"

    PowerBank in an elegant, transparent design, with charge level indicator, wireless charger and magnetic MagSafe function.

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Selected promotional items

We make your search easier by only offering you carefully selected promotional items. Instead of fighting your way through thousands of promotional items, you will only find a selection of the best promotional items in our opinion.

In addition to the selection and quality of our promotional items, we attach great importance to first-class customer service. Our experienced teams are at your disposal to help you choose and design
and processing your order.

Welcome to KerryGifts Promotional Products - your expert for high-quality and individually designed advertising materials and promotional gifts!

KerryGifts offers you the opportunity to have promotional items , promotional materials and promotional gifts printed with your individual logo at low cost. Our goal is to provide you with high quality products that effectively showcase your brand.

In our online shop, business customers will find a selected range of advertising materials at unbeatable prices. We make your search easier by only offering you carefully selected promotional items . Instead of fighting your way through thousands of promotional items , you will only find a selection of what we consider to be the best promotional items .

Thanks to our international production network and our offices in Shenzhen and Bangkok, we can achieve exceptional purchasing prices. We use our strong purchasing power to offer you the best conditions. You are getting everything out of one hand with us!

Always discover the latest promotional items , bestsellers and custom-made products at KerryGifts.

Are you looking for unique and effective promotional gifts to strengthen your brand and delight customers? We know how important it is for your business to stand out from the competition and present your brand effectively. Our extensive selection of promotional products gives you the perfect opportunity to spread your message and build long-lasting relationships with customer gifts.

Our promotional items with logo are characterized by high quality, functionality and attractive design. No matter whether you are looking for ballpoint pens, technical gadgets , household items , key rings or other practical items - you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for with us.

We support you in personalizing your promotional items with your company logo , slogan or other individual designs. We help you choose the right promotional items and offer you a first-class graphics service. This not only makes your brand visible, but also memorable and distinctive.

By adding your company logo, our promotional products become powerful brand ambassadors. Every time your customers use these items, your logo will be present and your brand will remain top of mind. This creates a long-term relationship and increases awareness of your company.

Another advantage of using our promotional items is their versatility. They are suitable for trade fairs, events, conferences and as giveaways for your customers. With our high-quality products you can leave a lasting impression and specifically address your target group.

In our comprehensive range, business customers will find a variety of promotional items that are ideal for your marketing strategy. From webcam covers for the safety of your customers to charging cables for constant connection to classic ballpoint pens with a logo that keep your brand constantly in view.

Focus on sustainability with environmentally friendly beeswax cloths with a logo or delight your customers with practical cell phone chains that combine functionality and style. Our high-quality thermal mugs ensure that your company is present with every sip.

Stay energized with our powerful power banks and stay connected to the latest technology wirelessly with our wireless chargers . Show off your craftsmanship with high-quality logoed tools or freshen your breath with custom-printed logoed gum cans .

For companies that value sustainability, we offer a wide range of sustainable logo promotional products that not only showcase your brand, but also demonstrate your environmental responsibility.

In addition to the quality of our promotional items , we attach great importance to first-class customer service. Our experienced teams are available to help you select, design and process your order. We would be happy to advise you to ensure that your advertising strategy is successfully implemented. If you are looking for creative giveaway ideas to promote your brand, we are also the right partner for you.

See for yourself the effectiveness of our promotional products and increase the visibility of your brand. Contact us today and let us find the perfect advertising material for your company together!

Individual promotional items in the best quality and elegant design for your company

Promotional products have a long tradition in companies both nationally and internationally. Over the years, however, the type of giveaways as well as the requirements for quality and design have changed significantly. The days when inexpensive ballpoint pens were printed with the company logo are long gone. It has long been clear to companies of all sizes and in all industries: it is only worthwhile to have promotional items printed if they really offer customers or potential new customers added value.

From advertising material to giveaway: new name improves image

Promotional products with logos were not without controversy, especially in the past. A sticking point for a long time was the rather inferior quality. In addition, they had the typical advertising character, which contributed to the articles hardly getting the attention that they were actually intended to generate. Today, the term promotional gift or promotional item is still known to many, but is rarely used. Instead, the term giveaway has become established. Many consumers are more accepting of these items.

There is a certain lightness to the international term. In addition, the image is more youthful and fresh. However, little has changed in terms of the basic properties.

Why is it worth ordering promotional gifts?

Modern promotional gifts are available in abundance and most consumers are supplied with them in sufficient form. Many companies are therefore faced with the question of why it is still worth buying promotional items ? In general, promotional gifts with your own logo can have a positive effect on acquiring new customers, but also on customer loyalty. However, this is only the case if they are meaningful giveaways that actually provide enormous added value for the customer. At the top are everyday gifts. These include, for example, ballpoint pens. But noble ideas such as small table lamps also ensure that they are noticed. It is certainly the case that the intensity of use of such a product has an influence on its reach.

Another point that speaks in favor of using promotional gifts is the relatively low wastage. In contrast to flyers or brochures, giveaways can also have a positive effect on customer loyalty. The advertising effect for these products is rather reserved. Whenever the products are picked up, the consumer ultimately remembers the brand.

But promotional gifts can also be convincing as promotional items on the cost side. They are significantly cheaper than many other advertising solutions. They are therefore also suitable for smaller businesses and companies that only have a small budget. Small giveaways also provide positive impulses for customers to identify with the respective company.

What do consumers pay particular attention to when it comes to giveaways?

There are many promotional gifts for customers . They all have one thing in common: they are viewed quite critically by consumers. It is all the more important that promotional items offer added value and are convincing across the board in terms of both quality and appearance. We recommend that you as a company think intensively about the question of which advertising materials are suitable for your target group. In addition, attention should also be paid to a high quality standard when designing. Logo prints and imprints with company names should not come off so quickly.

Originality matters: have advertising material printed

There are so many promotional product ideas that there is definitely something for every taste and every budget. In addition to selecting the right product, companies must intensively address the question of an attractive design. The most important thing here is originality. The more original a giveaway itself or its design is, the more often it is picked up and the more attention it ultimately attracts.

Both seasonal and sustainable promotional items are now very popular. Especially in the run-up to Christmas, articles with Christmas charm or content can create enthusiasm. In summer, however, printed water bottles are popular and provide positive feedback from consumers.

Companies should make sure that the promotional items are handed out consciously. Based on the reaction of consumers, it is often possible to determine whether the items are being received positively.

Creative ideas at KerryGifts - your promotional items wholesaler

We have searched for the best promotional gifts for you. From the very beginning, our goal was to select promotional items that can convince your target group on a qualitative level and therefore suit your company.

In our online shop you will find a selection of what we believe to be the best promotional items . To produce the giveaways, we work with selected factories that can guarantee us compliance with high quality standards.

If you want to take a new approach to promotional gifts and are looking for giveaways that really offer your customers added value, you can rely on us. In our promotional products shop you will find a selection of high-quality promotional gifts that are suitable for companies of all industries and sizes. We customize all promotional items to a high quality so that they can be considered as brand ambassadors. You can expect giveaways from a wide range of product categories.

We offer giveaways from the mobile sector in the form of cell phone holders , cell phone stands and chains. But tape measures , screwdrivers , table lamps and bottle openers are also an integral part of our range. Thanks to our large selection of promotional items , you are sure to find products that fit into and complete your marketing strategy.

We regularly provide a breath of fresh air

If you seem to have had enough of all promotional items , we have the solution for you! It won't be boring with us. Every Friday we present you a new product online that we have selected with care.

If you don't find the right promotional item despite a wide range, you can rely on our team. We are happy to implement custom-made and express productions for you.

Do you have questions about choosing the right giveaways or are you unsure what you should pay attention to when customizing? Then contact us. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive information about our offerings and help you plan your promotional items so that we can find the perfect giveaways for you.